Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcoming In The Fall...

        Happy Monday everyone and Welcome Back! I hope you had wonderful weekend! Mine was packed with the birthday celebration of my 7 year old son Christian on Friday, the birthday celebration of my 18 year old nephew Ramzees on Saturday, the celebrating of my daughter Genevieve turning 7 months old on Sunday and last but not least the welcoming of the Fall season! Libras have taken over! Lots of pics taken and memories made and shared and love for life and everyone in it. There was especially love and happiness because boots and booties are officially the footwear of the season and I'm SO here for it!

Christian's 7th Birthday

Ramzees's 18th Birthday

Genevieve turns 7 months old!

Of course with all these happenings there wasn't much time for photoshoots in this beautiful but brisk weather so today after doing my errands and hitting the gym I had just enough time to do a quick but fun fall photoshoot!
Button Fly Denim by JustFab
"Mavis" Booties in Taupe by JustFab
Cardigan by Target

Button Fly Denim by JustFab
"Mavis" Booties in Taupe by JustFab
Cardigan by Target

It was so fun to take a walk and see the sun dappling through the trees and starting to see the changes taking place in the leaves and even a few on the ground already! Its exciting to know a bloom of color is going to be taking place shortly. It was wonderful to take a break from hectic life to really just enjoy nature and my environment and the beauty around me, and all the while being in my cute and fashionable jeans and boots by JustFab. Today was a great day. I hope your Monday was equally great. As always Thank You for stopping by!

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Tons of Fun with Boots!

   Happy Monday and Welcome Back! As you know (since I know you follow the blog and have subscribed so you never miss an edition *wink wink*) last week Wednesday was #NationalBootieDay and boy did I have a blast celebrating! Some may even say I had a little too much fun. LOL! I took one of my favorite Jersey dresses and paired it with 4 of my favorite booties to thoroughly celebrate the day. And to add to the festivities Shoedazzle and JustFab had a sale of 30% off all booties for that day. Can you say Winning???
Olive Jersey Dress by Venus

Top Left bootie "Eva" in Olive by Cape Robbin Top Right "Rachel" in Navy by JustFab
Bottom Left "Mavis" in Taupe by JustFab, Bottom Right "JoJet" in black by Shoedazzle.

Since then the weather has gotten cooler and definitely more fickle and so I was thrilled to be able to finally start wearing my full boots! Its been so fun getting to pair my new boots with old clothes and vise versa to expand my fall wardrobe and even better I've been learning ways to switch it up and add to it for better, longer and more versatile wear. Here's a few ways I've worn some of my boots so far.

These beauties above are named "Holli" in Whiskey and she can be found currently on JustFab. She's gorgeous and SUPER comfy and I ran errands in her all day and I mean I ran and not one issue to be had! Another pair I wore over this weekend was "Lavine" in Cognac by Leila Stone from Shoedazzle. She was purchased last year in late summer and due to my pregnancy I never got to wear her. Corrected that This year for sure as she's a perfect fall boot because she can be worn with dresses and skirts as well jeans and leggings.
"Lavine" Boot in Cognac by Leila Stone from Shoedazzle

What are you finding to be your fall staples and looks this year? I'd love to hear. Leave a comment below letting me know what you're finding as your go to in your wardrobe for fall this year. As always Thank You so much for stopping by. I hope to see you again!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Booties For The Win!

     Hey Everyone! Happy Monday and Welcome Back! With the weather being so indecisive and taking us back and forth with warm and cool and rainy spells, I think its definitely safe to say booties are a better bet to seal your look and even knock it out of the park, while still being not only stylish and comfortable but weather appropriate too. Here are a few ways I've been styling my different types of booties.

Cutouts: Great for warmer weather days, allow for air flow so your feet don't get and stay sweaty, but still add to your outfits look.

"JoJet" bootie in black by Shoedazzle
Asymmetrical Dress in Sienna by JustFab

A bootie from last year.
I loved her so much I had to get her in both colors
"Salima" bootie in black by Shoedazzle

"Salima" bootie in Bordeaux by ShoeDazzle

"Rachel" in Navy by JustFab

"Linyah" in Cognac by ShoeDazzle

Solid or Whole Booties: No cut outs or openings made for colder and even wet weather. Insulate and look great with fall AND winter looks.
"Kaylea" in Olive by Shoedazzle
Zippered Moto Skinny jeans by JustFab

"Kaylea" bootie in Olive by Shoedazzle
Last years "Felina" bootie in black by Shoedazzle

This Wednesday on September 14th its #NationalBootieDay so make sure you have yours ready to be part of the fun! Don't own any booties yet? No worries as I'm sure Shoedazzle and JustFab will be having sales which are especially great when you're on a budget!  Be sure to stop by and check them out. As always Thank You so much for stopping by!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Taking Summer to Fall...

     Hello there and welcome back! Happy September, and more importantly back to school to you! I hope you had a wonderful and fun, relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend! I don't know about you, but I was definitely doing some labor since it's my boys' first day of this school year, so needless to say this Mama was busy with running around buying last minute things and labeling everything under the sun and of course planning and putting their outfits for the first day together.  

   Keeping in mind it's not quite fall (though in my head my wardrobe has almost completely changed over) but with a Tropical Storm Warning for us over here it's not exactly Summer either, I've got them in straight leg and boot cut jeans & graphic tees and some high top sneakers so they're comfortable and cool in case it's really warm but protected in case the weather does decide to do as predicted.

My 9 year old Nathaniel, My 6 year old Christian, and my 5 year old Benjamin on their first day of school wearing The Children's Place

   While they're off in those adorable looks, I'm super excited because as much as I love my sandals and wedges and adorable flats (only started really loving those this past summer Thanks to ShoeDazzle and JustFab's amazing collection of them!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Boots & Booties! Did I mention that I love them? And now that "Summer Booties" are a thing (Adorable booties w a peep toe and or some cut outs in the sides) you can actually wear booties YEAR round! Say What?! YES! I know! Amazing right?! And SO Fun! 

Ribbed Boat-neck Sweater and Moto Zipper Skinny Jeans from JustFab and "Kaylea" booties from ShoeDazzle

  So when there are warmer days out I can wear my fabulous Summer booties to keep cool and not worry about my feet over heating and sweating tons and still look fun and fabulous. Or if my favorite season starts showing early (crossing my fingers for that!) I can go all out with my Fall/Autumn wardrobe and rock my gorgeous collection of versatile and fun boots and booties for pretty much every look and style.

"Felina" bootie in black from ShoeDazzle

"Rachel" bootie in Navy from ShoeDazzle

"Salima" bootie in Bordeaux from ShoeDazzle

   Lately I've found that with my summer clothes if I can pair them with something from my coming season I can still wear them even if it's no longer "it's season". Example? Off the shoulder top you love and aren't quite ready to put it in the back of your closet yet? Throw on a pair of jeans or leggings with it, pair it with a pair of booties or boots (depending on your preference) grab a jean or bomber jacket( whichever one you've got) to throw on and bam! Instant fall look! Totally trendy and stylish! And you've recycled! Can it get any better? 

    I've been having a blast transitioning my wardrobe. I'm always finding new combos to take into another season so it helps me create new looks that don't make me feel like I'm dressed "like a Mom". And My favorite part? I can do it without breaking the bank and you can too! These great companies are always having sales and they're giving you quality too. You really can't go wrong. I hope you've found some ideas and tricks to transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall and some inspiration on looks and ideas and styles to try the next time you shop. As always Thank You so much for stopping by! 

With Love and Style