Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pumpkin Picking!!!!

        Hi Everyone and Welcome Back! TGIT to you all! I hope your week has been a good one and more importantly that it's been flying by for you so you can get to the weekend!! Our weekend was jam packed with wonderful family fun. We finally got to go Pumpkin Picking! It was as fun as you could imagine, especially since it was my daughter Genevieve's first time in the Pumpkin Patch. When preparing my look for that fun filled busy day of walking I made sure to do comfy and fashionable! My big brother Christopher his beautiful wife Ellie and their family, my cousin Joanna and her family including her adorable new baby boy and my big sister Stephanie and her husband Michael who had twins earlier this year, a beautiful little boy (who is also my godson) and a gorgeous little girl. She got to bring her children to the pumpkin patch for the first time ever as well. I really missed my oldest sister Natalie and her family but since she's still recovering from being sick, she wasn't able to join us but she was in our thoughts the whole day. It was a lot of fun for all and super packed. Here's how I styled myself.
Bodysuit by Fashion Nova
Jeggings by Angel Jeans
Mid Calf  "Kate" boots in Black by Shoedazzle
Liquid Matte Lipstick in Color "Stoic" by Younique

Close up of "Kate" boots in black by Shoedazzle

Genevieve was all smiles sitting in the group of Pumpkins

My Beautiful little family <3
Benjamin, Nathaniel, Genevieve and Christian
aka My World.

Just the girls :)

My handsome nephew Isaac holding Evie

My Handsome Hubby Joel and our baby girl Evie smiling in the Pumpkin Patch

My Nieces Gabrielle and her baby Sister Isabel (My Goddaughter) loving up on Genevieve

The Twins Noah and Colette Pumpkin Picking for the 1st time
How Adorable are they?!?
My Sweet Evie

We have been having some super warm weather lately which has been making going for walks so much more inviting since you get to enjoy all the foliage and colors of Autumn with the feel of summer. I had a meeting this morning but after it was so beautiful a day we decided to take advantage and go for a walk. I was wearing JustFab from head to toe. This is what I had on when we went for our quick walk.
Off the shoulder top in Taupe by JustFab
"Paint Drop" Jeans made by JustFab but Purchased from Shoedazzle
"Mavis" Booties in Taupe by JustFab

Genevieve and Mama on a Nature Walk
Evie's outfit by Carters

Looking at all the Colors

Silly laughs with Mama

Mother and Daughter <3

We are LOVING this weather and the beautiful colors being shown and I hope you are too. What have you been doing so far this season either with your family or with your fashions. I'd love to know! Drop a comment below and share with us. I appreciate it and you! As always Thank You so much for dropping by.

With Love and Style

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bordeaux To The Rescue!

    Hello Everyone and Welcome Back! I apologize for being missing last week. There was Hurricane Matthew Prep (I hope you all were OK and stayed safe during that madness!) and We had a few family emergencies and being caught up in them, I didn't realize I didn't do my blog post. Thank God everyone is OK and finally on the mend and The Hurricane has passed us over here in NY. With all that said we did have some good things between all the craziness and one of them is my Cousin's beautiful baby boy was Christened. Now when your dealing with the vestiges of a Hurricane and you have an event to attend and you're in the middle of the beautiful and colorful Fall season, what color do you go with to make yourself presentable? Answer: BORDEAUX. Not only is this STUNNING color rich and vibrant enough to be worn in any season (in my opinion)  its a STAPLE of Fall wardrobes and its dark enough that it can hide little imperfections (like in my case some wet spots from the rain lol).  Here's how I styled myself for this event
Brows and Mascara by Elf Cosmetics Foundation, Concealer and Eye Liner by MAC Cosmetics
 Liquid Matte Lipstick (My new favorite and Go to!) in Color "Sensual" by Younique.
Faux Wrap Dress by Fashion To Figure. "Oren" Boots in Bordeaux by Shoedazzle
Faux Wrap Dress by Fashion To Figure. "Oren" Boots in Bordeaux by Shoedazzle
 Close Up Of the Beautiful "Oren" by Shoedazzle

I really enjoyed wearing Oren because not only is she a gorgeous boot with leather and suede combo but her height made it perfect to protect against the bad weather and eliminated the need for stockings which if you're anything like me is definitely a win!

Another very special event that I celebrated was the 5 year Anniversary of my Convalidation Ceremony. To those of you that aren't familiar with that term it's the Catholic Church's way of acknowledging and blessing a marriage that was previously not done in a church. My Hubby and I celebrated by going out to dinner just the two of us. Here's how Bordeaux saved the day or night in this case again lol

The Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit in Maroon is from TheeBoutique. "Leandra" heels in Wine by Shoedazzle
Sleeveless Jacket in Black by BooHoo
Color "Sensual" Liquid Matte Lipstick by Younique.
Black Clutch by JustFab

What are some of the ways you incorporate Bordeaux into your fall wardrobe? Drop a comment below  as I'd love more ideas on how to add it to mine! As always Thank You so much for stopping by!

With Love and Style